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Love Me Do - Custom Designed Private Fireworks Display

by Wedding Special FX
Love Me Do - Custom Designed Private Fireworks Display

Love Me Do - Custom Designed Private Fireworks Display to Music by Wedding Special FX.

This display was presented at one of our favourite venues ZONZO Estate,the Yarra Valley’s most breathtaking wedding destination, theres a reason why we are their preffered fireworks and special effects supplier.

Included in this display was a combination of Aerial Shells and Ground Display Cakes choreographed to soundtrack. Hope you enjoy the video, leave us a comment below if you enjoyed the video!

Blaso Pyrotechnics have the ability to interpret music with fireworks conveying the emotion, climax, highs and lows of any soundtrack perfectly timed and choreographed creating an incredible and profound union of magic, imagination and technology. There is a special art to designing and firing choreographed firework. The secret is not just in selecting fireworks which reflect the pace and intensity of the music exactly, it’s also in the timing to peaks and moods throughout the soundtrack. For information, help and advice in arranging a pyromusical fireworks display for your event, we are always available to talk with you and remember there is no obligation or cost to discussing your fireworks display plans and ideas with us. #blasopyrotechnics #blaso #pyroilluminati


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