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We Make It Rain!

by Wedding Special FX
We Make It Rain!

Confetti is so iconic that it has become traditionally woven into the fabric of a wedding day. No wedding seems complete without Confetti - the excitement, the fun, the perfect addition to compliment any wedding.

Whether you want a a traditional confetti throw option for your Ceremony, a celebratory 'Shot' of Confetti at your grand entrance, choose to dance under gently falling 'Butterflies' or party in a 'Confetti Storm' it's your wedding, and we can provide whatever Confetti effect you desire.

Wedding Special FX have a range of different Confetti Effects in just about any colour, shape, size and material to provide a spectacular effect within the smallest of venues to the largest!  We also have outdoor options and biodegradable / eco friendly confetti that makes so many venues happy helping to leave as little impact on the environment as possible!

It very much depends on your venue as to how and when you can use confetti, but whether it's cutting the cake, a surprise for your first dance, or when your guests are partying, there's always an opportunity for a confetti moment.

Our confetti systems are designed to produce multiple effects on just about any scale. They can be ultra quiet for romantic moments, provide a petal fall on a wedding stage, or bring Ibiza straight to your wedding reception, so whatever you choose we have the right equipment to create the perfect moment and happy to provide you with the best advice and affordable pricing.

Our confetti comes in standard rectangles and in either tissue paper or metallic finish. We also offer many different confetti shapes, such as hearts, stars, butterfly's or petals, again in tissue paper or metallic finishes, plus special order shapes and colours to create a unique confetti experience.

Whether you need Confetti Cannons, Handheld Cannons, Electric Cannons, Single Shot Cannons, Confetti Swirlers, Blasters, Blowers, Confetti Guns, Bulk Confetti, Metallic Confetti, Paper Confetti, Streamers, Biodegreadeable Confetti... Whatever confetti effect you imagine, we have the largest and most diverse range in Australia available for your wedding.

Wedding Special FX take the time and effort to understand your requirements and will focus on your needs and recommend the most suited effects available for your venue, to meet your vision and especially make your wedding confetti moment WOW!



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