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Venues & Planners

Wedding Venues
Wedding special effects are growing in popularity, yet most venues don't offer these services, because they either don't know what's available, or simply don't have an experienced reliable supplier.

As part of the Blaso Pyrotechnics group, we have been involved in the special effects market for many years and having worked in some of the countries most prestigious venues and with some of the world's top A list Artists and Events, are very well placed to advise venues on all aspects of both practicality and safety. What makes us different is that we aren't just any Wedding Industry Supplier that happens to offer a few extra services. Our background is in the stage entertainment and music industry and especially in close proximity indoor pyrotechnics and stage special effects, so we have both the equipment and the experience to make every wedding special and with our affordable prices, it's not just celebrities who can afford the best.  

Our aim is to provide our Clients with both indoor and outdoor special effects that are simple to understand and sell and that will both appeal to your clients and which will help create new business opportunities. Many venues have restrictions on the type of effects that can be offered due to noise, location and often the building itself, but often there are alternatives and low noise options that are possible when you have a company like ours to deal with the safety and practical aspects.

If your Venue isn't sure what you can do at your location, either indoors or outside and would like advice either for a specific Client, or if you are interested in working with us to create a new revenue stream for your business, then we would love to talk to you.

Wedding Planners
If you are a wedding planner looking for something different or have a specific request for a particular Client, then we'll do our very best to help. Some of our more bespoke effects are table top pyrotechnics (built into table/floral centre pieces), specialist confetti equipment that can be built into marquees, tiny raindrop confetti fans, bubbles effects filled with smoke, dry confetti 'snow' and our dancing on clouds dry-ice effects.

We also work with selected wedding planners on a long term basis and can offer both good commissions and can help create a portfolio of effects tailored to your particular market segment. At Wedding Special FX, safety is something that we're very conscious of and because we specialise in close proximity pyrotechnics and special effects, it's something that we take very seriously.

We have years of experience working in all kinds of settings from Stadiums and Arenas, to Conference Halls & Concert Venues as well as outdoor events and even Heritage Listed Venues. For every job, no matter how small we'll provide a bespoke, venue specific risk assessment and SWMS / JSA and provide $20,000,000 worth of Public Liability insurance.  

All of our technicians are trained to high standards and also have Female technicians for those occasion when religion or preference means that it's ladies only. We have the expertise and experience to provide low fall out fireworks and even quiet(er) fireworks displays keeping groundskeepers, local residents and neighbours happy. (Alongside this we can provide a button so the bride and groom can start the show for added effect from our state-of-the-art digital firing systems)

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