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Confetti Shot Package

An instant effect creating a single hit of confetti at key moment throughout the reception. Perfect for making an entrance with a Bang, a nice surprise for your guests when Cutting of the Cake or Ribbon and for a burst of fun and elegance for the First Dance. Also can be used outdoors to fire a hit of our eco-friendly guilt free BioConfetti a great effect for the couples first kiss that will surprise your guests and makes for amazing photos and memories!

Confetti Package Includes:

  • Confetti Shot Cannons with your choice of Confetti!
  • Professional Operator to setup and control and fire on cue.

CONFETTI SHOT - Confetti Shot create an instantaneous burst of confetti or streamers. Often fired from either side of the Bridal Table, mounted overhead or shot over a dance floor, multiple units can be fired at the same time to create a fantastic, surprise effect. If you are in a smaller venue or where space is tight, we can supply smaller shot barrels – for larger venues and where a bigger coverage of confetti is required we have the equipment and experience to make it WOW. Completely safe, they are suitable for just about venues and can be pre-filled with your choice of confetti or streamers.

STREAMERS - Streamers are a spectacular effect. The effect is created by hundreds of tightly rolled lengths of paper. The streamers can vary in length from 5 to 20 metres and come in widths of 1cm or 5cm. There is also a choice of pretty much any colour.  A great advantage of using streamers is that they are really easy to clean up compared to confetti. Some venues prefer streamers.

It very much depends on your venue as to how and when you can use confetti, but whether it's cutting the cake, a surprise for your first dance, or when your guests are partying, there's always an opportunity for a confetti moment, we will be able to assist, advise and make reccomendations acccordingly depending on what you have in mind with options to suit just about any budget.

Package subject to availability, venue inspection and approval and includes all product, equipment and consumables required, appropriate insurances, relevant permitting paperwork, risk assessments and management plans, venue liaison and pyrotechnician to produce the presentation.