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Fireworks Display Package

We all know deep down that every wedding should leave memories that last lifetimes! With that in mind, we want to provide you, your partner and your guests with a stunning and professional wedding fireworks display - there is no such thing as “too big or wild” for your perfect day! So whether you and your guests will watch the fireworks while all gathered together or alternatively, have the firework display fired alongside your first dance, rest assured that you will all be left with a firework display that will create lasting memories.

Each of our displays are as unique as your wedding. Designed to fit your requirements and that of the location, venue and firing site. The packages on our site is just for reference to provide an indication and example of our work and to give you an idea of what to expect in your display. In just about all circumstances we tailor a package to your individual needs and budget - virtually no two Wedding Special FX Fireworks Displays are the same because every location and venue have different variables at work.

The most important aspect of presenting a fireworks display is your display site and location. Fireworks require a clear area of at least 50 metre radius and are ideal for beach locations, piers, wineries or venues on large properties.

If you are considering a Fireworks Display at your Wedding or need a little more information - feel free to give us a call on 1800069007 anytime to discuss or email us. We are available to discuss your wedding requirements and guide you through the process and are Experienced, Enthusiastic, Creative and Dedicated team that truly love what we do.