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Fireworks Displays to Music

Fireworks Displays to Music called Pyromusicals - are one of our most popular and requested Fireworks Display Packages. Wedding Special FX have the ability to interpret music with fireworks conveying the emotion, climax, highs and lows of any soundtrack perfectly timed and choreographed creating an incredible and profound union of magic, imagination and technology.

An excellent way for a couple to listen to ‘their song’ while experiencing a jaw-dropping, high impact, stunning fireworks display. Having a display designed to a track will make your day even more special and will add a new level of excitement to your wedding day, will delight your family and friends and send tingles down their spines.

Fireworks are set off beautifully with music. Your choice of music is just as important as our choice of fireworks. Choosing an obscure piece of music that’s hard to recognize could detract from the display so we always suggest to choose a very well-known piece, or a personal favourite that the majority of your guests will be familiar with. You can even give the display a theme or set it to a popular movie soundtrack.

There is a special art to designing and firing choreographed firework. The secret is not just in selecting fireworks which reflect the pace and intensity of the music exactly, it’s also in the timing to peaks and moods throughout the soundtrack.

Each of our displays are as unique as your wedding. Designed to fit your requirements and that of the location, venue and firing site. The packages on our site is just for reference to provide an indication and example of our work and to give you an idea of what to expect in your display. In just about all circumstances we tailor a package to your individual needs and budget - virtually no two Wedding Special FX Fireworks Displays are the same because every location and venue have different variables at work.

If you are considering a Fireworks Display at your Wedding or need a little more information - feel free to give us a call on 1800069007 anytime to discuss or email us. We are available to discuss your wedding requirements and guide you through the process and are Experienced, Enthusiastic, Creative and Dedicated team that truly love what we do.